Shanghai, a city so beautiful and so unique. You can hardly find another city in the world that is more mordernized than Shanghai. However, there is still much tranditional Chinese culture among such modernization. Shanghai was the city that saw the impact of western culture on Chinese traditions at the beginning of last century. Shanghai is also now a reflection of rapidly changing China at the start of this new century. by


We will invite renowned graphic designers, who come from different cities and countries.


A transformation of typeface design from the traditional “Graphic Design” into “New Media” will be exhibited dynamically. It is an expression of interaction between Design and Public Community, a new attempt of presenting visual graphics through multi-media, from CMYK to RGB.


_ Typeface will be the basic element when designing a poster. Choose either Latin font of [Shanghai] or Chinese character [上海].

_ We provide some the word of Shanghai of Chinese typeface for your use.


_ The images should use the format of web .gif animation with 72dpi in vertical size 400px x 564px under 300kb

_ Name your .gif in your name


28th of February 2014 (to update)


Curators: John Yu & Lu Junyi
Co-organizer: Bunstar Media, SnapDesign
Media partners:,,, Grand Design,,
Design Shanghai 2013, @字体设计, XUXU/DESIGN