Get ShanghaiType Started! Motion Typography Show

_1 April 2014

Thanks to all designers for your participation!
We invited the renowned graphic designers from different cities and countries. The International designers from 17 countries, 36 designers and 50 participants are Chinese designers involved in this project.

Curators: John Yu & Lu Junyi
Co-organizer: Bunstar Media, SnapDesign
Media partners:,,, Grand Design,,
Design Shanghai 2013, @字体设计, XUXU/DESIGN

IDEO Comms Lovers!

_Friday, 14 March 2014

IDEO Comms Love is our way of bringing together smart, creative people to have conversations about craft. We all make things; we’re curious about how and why you make those things.

This edition’s theme is about CONNECTIONS. With all this talk about the Internet of Things and the Always On culture we’re in, how are we actually connecting with each other? What are the new ways connections happen? How do creatives connect emotions together to inspire? And how do cocktails actually work?

Project promoter of ShanghaiType John YU + Lu JUNYI at the scene to share the project process

IDEO Shanghai



_02 February 2013

19 well-known designers and advertisers in Shanghai will be invited to participate in a charity visual design activities for Shanghainese and tourists. The digital display of font designing, of which the theme is “I lOVE SH”, showing on the LED screen of Bundstar Media in Shanghai Pudong district (the biggest outdoor LED screen all over the world) will transform from the traditional “Graphic Design” into motion graphic of “New Media”. It is an expression of interaction between Design and Public Community, a new attempt of presenting visual graphics through multi-media, from CMYK to RGB.

Curator: John YU, Xu HAO   Project Support: Lu JUNYI, Tao CHEN, Li HAITAO